We Have Destroyed the Inside of a Perfectly Good House

When we were here in January, we pulled up all the old carpet and pad. We have been walking on bare plywood since. The only room with intact flooring was the kitchen. So what did we do today? Destroy the wood floor in the kitchen. Shawn sawed lines through the floor so we could remove the floor board-by-board and nail-by-nail. Fun with a hammer and pry bar, and thank God for knee pads. I think we got about a third of the floor removed. Shawn also figured out how to detach the kitchen island so we can rotate it. The island is currently at an angle and we plan to straighten it to make more room in the kitchen area.

The cats were not thrilled with the loud noises, and the fine saw dust got everywhere. We burned the scrap wood in our burn barrel. Can’t say I’ve ever had a burn barrel before. While tending the fire, I walked around the yard a bit and found a few treasures left by the previous owners. Little metal pieces of yard art like frogs and butterflies, and ceramic shoes.

Shawn also uncovered a decorative snow depth indicator which is funny because I just bought one before we moved. It was snowing a bit when we arrived on Saturday, but there is very little snow remaining on the ground now and our driveway and deck are completely clear. I may not be measuring any snow until next season. I found the first Crocus bloom in the yard, so maybe Spring is on the way.

Retirement is So Busy

The first Monday as retired folks and my damn alarm goes off at 5:51 AM (I always use the 9-minute snooze at least one time).  Yeah, I fixed that.  In the future the only time I’ll be setting an alarm is when I need to catch a flight.

The first order of business was taking care of a little bureaucracy…also known as two hours at the DMV to get Idaho drivers licenses and register vehicles.  It turns out we need to have our two cars and RV inspected before we can register them, but the Worley PD will come out to our house for a $5 fee to do that.  I’ll be ready with a tray of homemade cookies when the inspector shows up.  You don’t see the California police departments making house calls (unless you’re cooking meth I suppose).  Shawn and I both passed our written test with flying colors thanks to the practice internet tests we crammed on the day before.  Only $3 to take the test and $55 for an 8-year license.  We also updated our home address with Geico and our auto insurance was reduced by almost half. Less traffic and crime in Idaho than California?

Next, it was off to buy supplies for making chicken brooders, seed starting stations, and assorted house stuff like a new mailbox, muck boots, boot scraper, and boot remover.  Shawn also used his retirement gift card from the Tractor Supply to buy overalls.  My very own Mister Green Jeans…in brown.

We also made our second trip to the waste transfer station where you can show up as often as you like and dump your household waste (we had a lot of carpet, pad, and old appliances).  Just show your proof of residence and they let you drive in.  They even had people doing community service to help us unload.

So far this Idaho thing is working out.