We have embarked on a 3-week adventure from Idaho to Kentucky and back. Unfortunately, due to the loss of our cat Sophie a couple weeks ago, we are traveling with a single cat on this journey. Although Chuck has the back seat all to himself now, he is still none to thrilled with life in an automobile.

Luckily, our neighbors are nice enough to take care of our chickens while we’re away. We also left quite a bounty of tomatoes, artichokes, zucchini and peppers in the garden for them. Hopefully, there won’t be a frost before we return and there will be a few tomatoes left. Then again, we could just have one giant zucchini.

Today we drove through the Idaho panhandle and western Montana. I thought Idaho had a lot of trees, but the forested mountains of Montana are an even denser green. We meandered along the Clark Fork River before crossing the Continental Divide at 6500+ feet. We ended the day in Livingston, Montana on the Yellowstone River. Since we are only staying overnight, we won’t be doing any fly-fishing, but this is definitely the town for it. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a fly shop. (Too soon? Probably.)

Shawn enjoying his afternoon coffee on the Yellowstone River
Looking across the river at our campground

We drove into historic downtown Livingston for dinner at Neptune’s Brewery. Although sushi may seem an odd choice for Montana, it was surprisingly good and the Honey Rye draft was a good pairing. Sorry, no food porn. We were very hungry after a long day of driving.

Downtown Livingston

Tomorrow we head to South Dakota and Mount Rushmore.

Daily Stats

  • RV Park: Livingston/Paradise KOA – 4/5 stars
  • Dinner: Neptune’s Brewery, Livingston, MT – 4/5 stars
  • Miles Driven: 335
  • Listening To: All Creatures Great & Small by James Harriot (plus a couple of hours of a crying cat)

Just in case you’re keeping track…this is my 100th blog post!