I feel like I’ve been unpacking for weeks.  Oh wait, I have been unpacking for weeks.  So why do I feel like it will never end?

I think I’ve finished with the kitchen boxes.  As I’ve mentioned, there is a lot less storage in our new kitchen.  Although I got rid of lots of stuff before we moved, the remainder still won’t fit.  I filled the cabinets with what I think is the must-have stuff, and everything else went back into well-labeled boxes to be stored in the garage.  My thought is: if I haven’t pulled it out of the box a year from now, then I probably don’t need it.

Storage in my old kitchen, and believe me there was stuff in every cabinet and drawer

I also had 6 huge cabinets and 12 drawers on the dining room wall

Now I have this much storage

After 23 years of having stuff in the same place, I thought it best if I labeled where I put things in the new kitchen.  I was thinking of removing the labels today, but Shawn said not quite yet.

The pantry is full, but the space can definitely be put to better use.  We will get around to that later.  A lot of the kitchen overflow ended up in the laundry room.

The shelves for food are a bit too far apart

Laundry room overflow

We’ve also been unpacking the closet boxes.  Once again, we purged prior to packing, but it still seems like we have too much.  I filled another bag for Goodwill because I know I will never wear some of my old clothes in Idaho.  I’ve been in jeans and sweats since I got here.  My go-to-town outfit is black jeans.

The closet can use some organizational upgrades, but that’s down the road

While I’ve been busily working in the house, Shawn has been busy in the workshop.  He is working on the “Chickshaw” ( yes, it is a rickshaw for chickens).  The Frankenchicks will live in it first since they are outgrowing their brooder, but the Chickshaw is for the pasture-raised egg layers so they can be moved around the property.

After a full day of unpacking, I sat on the couch and watched the weather through the picture windows.  It had rained all night and this morning, but it was sunny for a few minutes before the thunderclouds rolled in and we had rain, wind, hail, and lightning.