This morning I had to show Shawn all my adventures of the previous evening.  It wasn’t nearly as scary in the daylight with Shawn by my side (except for the old van with darkened windows tucked away in the bushes…still creepy).  Steve the dinosaur found a slug.

Just before noon we hit the road again headed for the border.  Road repairs along 101 had us stop a couple times for about 20 minutes each with traffic going in only one direction at a time.  On a normal Tuesday, this may have bothered me, but when you have nothing but time and are surrounded by redwoods, it’s not such a big deal.

We had planned to stop in Crescent City for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant, but as we were driving by it looked closed.  When towing a fifth wheel you can’t make any sudden decisions like let’s stop here and look at the chainsaw carvings of Bigfoot.  And you can’t just flip a u-turn at the next light.  We ended up stopping at Home Depot for propane and eating lunch in the parking lot.  Good thing we stocked up on local cheese and smoked fish yesterday.

We are staying overnight at the Turtle Rock RV Resort tonight.  We have a creek view spot.  The creek is nice.  I’d show you a picture, but I couldn’t take one without a road or power line.  We are meeting Shawn’s niece and her family in Gold Beach, Oregon.  Shawn got in trouble last time he passed through Oregon without stopping for a visit. We had a nice dinner and visit at The Landing overlooking the Rogue River.  The girls pointed out a few otters bobbing in the river.  A nice way to end our day.  Tomorrow we are off to South Beach State Park

Daily Ratings & Stats
Home Depot Parking Lot Lunch – 5 stars
Turtle Rock RV Resort – 3 stars
The Landing – 3.5 stars