Knowing that we would be beer tasting today, we started our morning walking about downtown Nelson to get our step count up. Our first stop was at Jens Hansen The Ringmaker, not for me but for Shawn. Jens Hansen created the One Ring for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, and Shawn wanted his very own (right, that makes no sense if there is only one).

Shawn holding the one One Ring

Shawn’s One Ring sitting inside the One Ring

Up on a hill, we came across the Cathedral of the Anglican Dioceses of Nelson. The grounds, stonework, stained glass and pipe organ are beautiful.


Walking about town we found an alley with some good graffiti.

We stopped for a light meal at Sweet As, a cute little locally owned cafe.

Then it was off in search of Nelson’s famous breweries. First stop McCashin’s Brewery in Stoke. We tried four beers and a cider. The beers here are much lighter in flavor and alcohol content, with most being 4-5%. The Three Berry Cider was fantastic! A bit like a smoothie with fizz and a little kick.

Next, we were off to Lighthouse Brewing. We were laughing because the photo in the brochure looks like it might be the beer maker’s house. It turned out to be in an industrial park, and sadly it was closed for a two week holiday.

Shouldn’t there be a comma after Cheers?

Next attempt, Fern & Sprig. Closed on Mondays. A person could get thirsty around here.

Final attempt, Founder’s Brewery. You have to walk through a Dutch windmill to get there, but at least it was open. Sadly, the beer was not to our liking, but it was nice to sit in the shade and watch the little birds.

Funny, worth a read

Daily ratings:
Sweet As – 3 Kiwis
McCashin’s Brewery – 4 Kiwis
Founder’s Brewery – 3 Kiwis

Gelato flavor: White chocolate basil
Steps taken = 10,042