I’ve been looking up recipes on the internet a lot lately, and I’ve noticed a few things.  They all look very similar with their multi-font graphic for Pinterest, the recipe format within the blog, the nutrition label, and the print recipe function.  A lot of these bloggers don’t strike me as super technical, so I figured there must be easy-to-use tools.  It turns out there is a WordPress plugin for nearly everything.

I did a quick search on “WordPress recipe plugins” and came up with quite a few to choose from.  My needs are simple: easy to use, recently updated, nice recipe output, and free.  I narrowed my choices down to WP Recipe Maker and Zip Recipes.  My Honey Nut Granola recipe is created with WP Recipe Maker.  I will install Zip Recipes and compare at some point.  I just went with WP Recipe Maker because it had more installs, was recently updated (that day), and had good documentation and support.  I think the free version did a decent job with my recipe.

To get nutrition information included in my recipe, I need to upgrade to the premium version of WP Recipe Maker.  Instead, I opted to find a nutrition label generator.  I used the VeryWellFit Recipe Nutrition Calculator.  You just paste in your recipe ingredients and it generates a nutrition label graphic.  I think I will do some more research in this area, but it was a good start.

And finally, we come to those pretty multi-font graphics.  Another quick search and I discover everyone ( everyone that’s not a graphic artist) is using a free site called Canva to create their stunning graphics.  They too have a premium version, but I got what I needed for free.

Now I just need to work on artsy food photography.  I don’t think there’s an app or plugin for that.