Friday, while at Lowe’s to pickup rebar for the new garden fence, I noticed they had herbs on sale: 5 for $15.  I grabbed some rosemary, chives, peppermint, and lemon balm.  The previous homeowner left some pots, so I thought I’d use them for the herbs so I can keep them close to the kitchen door.

Next thing you know, we have the chainsaw out and trees are coming down.  Then the weedeater comes out and grasses are felled at an alarming rate.  All this for five little 3″ pots of herbs.  We have a corkscrew willow and a mystery tree/bush that were planted too close to the house.  I leveled the mystery bush with the chainsaw, and Shawn thinned the willow.  We had to be careful with the willow because a pair of robins have built a nest in it, and we did not want to disturb that.  They stayed away while we were working, but they came back so I assume they are OK with their new open-plan housing.


Post-chainsaw. Look at that nice bench of herbs!

This butterfly had no concerns and stayed throughout the demolition

Since there is no end of projects to be done around the homestead, it has become common for us to start a simple task and have it morph into a project that requires power tools.

Other Happenings Around the Homestead

The fence for the new garden plot is almost complete. Just needs a gate.

WTH? There’s a hole in our house that wasn’t there before. This requires further exploration…stay tuned.

We almost bought a peony at the farmers’ market last week. It turns out we already had some!

Waiting for the red peonies to bloom.

I had to let this weed flower before I pulled it out

Another surprise in the bulb patch

This little bird has built a nest in Tito the t-rex’s mouth and is anxiously awaiting a love match

Hey, we have a cherry tree!