Another full day of demolition as we continued tearing out wood flooring. The kitchen is done with the exception of the flooring under the island. The goal for tomorrow is to lift the island and put it on furniture dollies so we can spin it and remove the remaining wood. I got to use a few new fun tools today. The flooring goes underneath the kitchen cabinets, so I had to cut the wood floor along the cabinet base with an oscillating multi-tool (saw). There are a bazillion nails in the floor, so Shawn gave me a nifty long-handled magnet to pick them up with. I also got to use crowbars, hammers, and various protective gear.

Time to buy a new dishwasher

#OOD – Outfit of the Day

Chuck Norris, the fraidy cat, hiding under the bed during demolition
Chuck Norris, the fraidy cat, hiding under the bed during demolition

Shawn went out to Tractor Supply in the afternoon to check out the new batch of chicks. He came home with six ISA Brown chicks for egg laying and 25 Cornish Rock Cross chicks for meat. They are pretty darn cute now, but luckily they won’t be so cute when it comes time to eat them. Sophie, the cat, thought they were rather tasty looking.

Chicks warming under the red light

While Shawn was out cruising chicks, I took the opportunity to do a little quilt photography with my awesome new backdrop.

Today we had all the weather: sun, a few snowflakes, clouds, rain and a breeze. The Crocus still knows today is Spring though.

After a full day of work, we figured we deserved a little happy hour beverage from the Growler Guys. Shawn picked up a few Crowlers of beer and cider. The One Tree Lemon Basil cider was very refreshing.