I woke up Monday and finally felt better.  I wasted a third of my retirement (thus far) being sick and missed out on the best weather (thus far).  So back to projects.  We finished the flooring in the living room.  We had been holding off because we wanted to remove the gargantuan gas fireplace, but we decided we’d just keep it for now and put the TV on top of it.  Our sectional is no longer in sections and it’s beginning to look like a regular house.

The humongous fireplace, we still need to trim around the bottom

Not necessarily the final furniture placement, but so nice to have a sitting area

Feeling better, I ventured into town to get my car registered and do a little shopping.  The DMV waiting room was packed (about 30 people in line for 7 windows).  It seems they have recently installed a computer kiosk for sign in and opinions are very divided on its functionality.  I was standing next to the kiosk waiting for my number to be called and everyone that used it felt compelled to vocalize their feelings about it.  The younger patrons thought it was pretty convenient to enter a cell phone number and get automated text updates on the wait time.  The more mature crowd was not so convinced and wished for the days of paper tickets which it still produced if you did not enter a phone number, but most of them got frustrated and walked away before getting their ticket.  People were very nice about helping each other, and the DMV clerks were extremely friendly and helpful.  The coolest part is that after you finish your paperwork and pay, they just hand you a set of plates.  No wait, the coolest part is the price.  I paid $190 for two years registration and a state parks pass!

Rocking my “Famous Potatoes” plates, and look how clean my side of the garage is!

Shawn got his tractor back from the shop and finally got to play, I mean work,  with it while the sun was shining.  Monday it rained, and I came home to find him stuck in the mud.  Lucky for him my phone was dead, so no incriminating pictures.  With a bit of work, he managed to pull the tractor out of the muck by winching it to a tree.

The vastness of our land

Trying out the rake attachment

Discing more garden space

The chickens all moved into their outdoor homes.  Shawn moved the Frankenchicks into the chicken tractor and the egg-layers into the Chickshaw.  The layers get to run around the pen during the day, but the Frankedchicks just stay in their tractor eating and growing fatter.  It was pretty funny watching Shawn try to get the layers back in their house for the night.

Setting up for the big chicken move

Frankenchicks gorging themselves on feed

Hens and roosters


Barred Rocks and Golden Comets for egg laying


Freedom…sort of

The daffodils and grape hyacinth are in full bloom.  I think there are at least four different varieties of daffodils.  There are also a few red flowers that we have not identified.

Unidentified red flower…hope it’s not poisonous Shawn

It’s so pretty it makes you want to come visit, right?  Tom and Bambi are frequent visitors.



Check out Shawn’s YouTube channel, Spring Creek Acres,  for his latest videos.