For people who don’t work, we’ve had a busy week.  Wednesday, we ventured into the garden.  The previous owners set up a fenced area with raised beds, but it looks like they did not tend to it for the last few years.  Everything is overgrown.  I found some grapevines on the fence and pruned them back.  I’m not sure they are even alive, so we will see what happens.  I’ve lived in California all my life, but I didn’t prune a grapevine until I moved to Idaho!

We were told that there are two Asian pear trees and two cherry trees.  We found what looked like a forest of we’re not sure what tress.  Shawn cut back the suckers.  There was also a stray pine tree in the garden that had to go.  It was about 3 feet tall, so that’s what tells us the garden hasn’t been tended in a while.

After we made a huge pile of debris, we planned to burn it on a windless day.  Instead, we invested in a chipper/shredder.  We did a little research online and decided on the Predator from Harbor Freight.  The little red thing is a beast and made our huge pile into some lovely mulch in a short time.  Shawn also had some fun playing lumberjack with the chainsaw.

The chicks and seedlings are thriving in the basement.  The Cornish Cross meat chickens have quadrupled in size and are getting to the ugly teenager stage.  A few of them look ready for stuffing to me.  They are getting a bit stinky, as teenagers do, so Shawn got the supplies to make their outdoor lodgings soon.

We laid more flooring yesterday, so now we have the kitchen, dining room, and our bedroom floored.  It was so nice to finally sleep in our king size bed last night.  Two cats and a 6’4″ husband don’t leave a lot of room in a queen size bed.

Last night was a blue moon.  It was so bright that when I woke up in the middle of the night I thought the sun was rising already.  Thankfully, I got to sleep a few more hours.

Today, we played with wiring.  We are changing out the outlets a few at a time.  The wiring was not done to Shawn’s standards, and he had a frustrating time figuring out what was going on.  Between the DIY projects, we continue to unpack…it may take years.